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Size Small/Medium

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Elevate your dog's style with our bandanas—ideal for park outings, beach strolls, and picnics. Plus, dampen them for a refreshing cooldown on sizzling days! Grab yours now and let your pup strut in style. Featuring a deep blue gingham pattern, for the classiest pooch.

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Size Small/Medium (S/M):

  • Neck Size: up to 14"

Size Medium/Large (M/L):

  • Neck Size: up to 24"

With our bandanas, it's safer to size up if you're not sure. You can always adjust the sizing when tying the bandana!

  1. Easy to Wear: triangle shape is designed for hassle-free tying and
  2. Ultimate Comfort: bandana is soft, lightweight, and breathable
  3. Cooling Feature: dampen the bandana to keep your dog cool during walks
  4. Perfect Gift: grab yours while stocks last!

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