Floofy Pooch Blog

  • Shipping Transparency

    Hiya! We are updating our shipping rates this month (May 2022) and I just wanted to provide some insights and transparency into why! Since May 2021...
  • Our Experience with Dachshund Training

    Ever since we got Mia (well, actually even before we got her) we have been told that dachshunds are a tricky breed to train. Though some dachshunds...
  • All About Our Pets

    Floofy Pooch could not be run without our floofy girls, Money the Siamese Cat and Mia the English Cream Dachshund.
  • Floofy Pooch – How It All Began

    Today, I wanted to take the time to share how Floofy Pooch was founded. My name is Jenny, and Floofy Pooch is ran by myself and my partner, Igor (and of course our floofy girls Mia, the miniature English cream dachshund, and Money, the Siamese cat).