Floofy Pooch – How It All Began

Woof! Welcome to our first ever blog post! With our blog, we hope to share some stories from behind our brand as well as share our successes as we grow our small business.

Today, I wanted to take the time to share how Floofy Pooch was founded. My name is Jenny, and Floofy Pooch is ran by myself and my partner, Igor (and of course our floofy girls Mia, the miniature English cream dachshund, and Money, the Siamese cat).

Dog Harness Dog Leash

In March 2020, when the work from home orders had just began in Ontario, we looked into adding a new member to our family. We love dachshunds, did our research, and put in a deposit for the puppy who would later be known as Mia. Due to the high demand and everyone wanting a new puppy, Mia joined our home in August 2020.

Even before we got Mia, we were already looking into getting a few harnesses, leashes, and collars for her. Amazon, of course, was the first place we checked. We got her a teeny tiny pink harness from Amazon, but we knew that later on we wanted to dress her in something cuter, possibly a matching set.

Mia Amazon Dog Harness

In August 2020, when we were bored out of our minds quarantining at home, we started looking into opening a dog accessories store. We had much more free time now that we were at home all the time and wanted to do something productive with our newfound free time. We incorporated our company in Ontario in the same month, and immediately began designing our prints. We would stay up late learning how to use Photoshop, Procreate, Quickbooks, Facebook ads, and Shopify. But we loved (and still love) every second of it. Opening up Floofy Pooch has definitely been a huge learning curve, but we are so grateful for how much we have been able to learn. We are proud that with the exception of mass producing our products, everything else is done in-house by the two of us.

From 9am to 5pm (and maybe a bit later), I work in Finance at an insurance company and Igor works in Sales for technology. Evenings and weekends are when we get to learn new skills from filling out our own incorporation documents, to doing our own bookkeeping, to filing our taxes, to designing our products and packaging, to talking with different suppliers and shipping companies. It really does feel surreal sometimes.

While we did experience COVID delays and were only able to launch in February 2021, we are so happy now that Mia and other dogs can wear harnesses that are both stylish and safe. We are also so happy when we receive feedback from our customers that they like our quick response times, fast delivery, and most of all the quality of our products.

We hope to always be here for you and your floofy best friend.


The Floofy Pooch Team (Jenny, Igor, Mia, and Money)

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