All About Our Pets

Floofy Pooch could not be run without our floofy girls, Money the Siamese Cat and Mia the English Cream Dachshund.

Money was our first pet as a couple, born June 30, 2018 and we brought her home on August 25, 2018 when she was teeny tiny. She likes freeze dried shrimp, chicken, and beef, and she will never ever beg for human food. Cat food only for her (and maybe sometimes a little bit of dog food)!

We decided to get a cat first because they are easy to maintain. We have been so lucky with Money and have never had a single accident with her in the house. Our daily routine for Money is just to feed her and clean her litter (and of course, cuddle with her).

She does have quite the typical cat personality where she is cuddly and nice to her owners, but will attack others (aka her owners' friends). She also has just recently started cuddling with and grooming Mia which we are so happy about. It only them about six months to start getting along which really felt like a lifetime to us.

Mia Money Sleeping Floofy Pooch

Mia was our little quarantine puppy. In March 2020, we decided that we were ready for another pet! We had moved into a larger space with enough room and because we were so bored during quarantine, we decided to look into getting a puppy! We put our deposit in with our breeder in March, and on July 6, 2020 our baby Mia was born. She came home on August 29, 2020.

Mia has definitely been a handful since she came home (a very stark contrast to Money!). She used to cry all the time, do all of her business inside, and beg for food nonstop. It has been seven months since we got her and she only recently started preferring to go outside for the bathroom. She will still beg for human food at any chance she gets and we have to work hard to resist her big puppy eyes.

Mia and Money will now chase each other around our condo, cuddle, and play fight. They eat the same snacks (the ones safe for cats and dogs) and will sometimes eat each others' food. Both of them love to hang around their humans and will follow us to whichever room we are in.

Our home is now filled with so much love and joy.

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